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New Version of Secure WordPress Security Plugin is Available

Submitted by Jacques G on October 13, 2011 - 12:44 pm 2 Comments

WebsiteDefender.com released an updated version of the Secure WordPress security plugin, naturally for WordPress.

Release 0.5 of Secure WordPress — in addition to code improvements for performance and efficiency — introduces a useful setting to open or close the plugin widget which resides on the WordPress dashboard, making it easier for you to tailor the way WordPress provides information through the dashboard.

So, to summarize:

New feature:

  • Option to open / close WebsiteDefender dashboard widget


  • Internal code update

To update your plugin, you can automatically install the new version through the Plugins area of your WordPress admin console, or you can download the plugin if your site configuration requires you to perform the update manually.


  1. haki December 18, 2011

    ” WebsiteDefender WordPress Security – Secure WordPress – WP Security Scan ”

    Which one should I use?

  2. Robert Abela December 19, 2011

    Hi Haki,

    Thank you for showing interest in our plugins.

    We recommend you to use WebsiteDefender WordPress Security plugin. This plugin takes the best of the other 2 plugins, as a matter of fact, it was released after we acquired and analysed the other 2 plugins. For any further queries you might have regarding WebsiteDefender or any of our WordPress plugins, feel free to post on our official WebsiteDefender forums.

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